Reviews of Body & Soul Escapes

Reader reviews of Body & Soul Escapes

‘If you’re looking for a therapeutic break, this is the definitive reference volume. Beautifully illustrated, well researched and packed with interesting and useful information.’ Waterstones staff, Coventry

‘Your book is the most popular in our green room, and frequently read by people relaxing between treatments. It’s a very honest and useful guide, and we shall recommend it to all.’ Noeleen and Nicola at Ard Nahoo retreat, Ireland

‘I now have a new favourite book…Body & Soul Escapes! I never thought I’d say this about a Footprint guide book, but I can’t put it down. The two copies arrived yesterday and I was still devouring it at 2am this morning. A few more of those nights and I’ll need a B&S Escape, sooner rather than later. It really is fabulous…a book full of possibilities. I never realised just how many great value options were out there. And it’s so refreshing to see something that is honest and doesn’t simply focus on the usual suspects. Now, all I want for Christmas is a round-the-world airfare!! Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I got so excited over a book.’ Donna Wells, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, Thailand

‘I finally got your book – and it’s great – such a mammoth exercise, so well done. I liked what you wrote at the beginning too – there’s a sense that you’re passionate about the wellbeing area without being too serious about it – and of course I like that.’ John Parkin, founder of F**k It Weeks

‘Thanks for all the good work you are doing by your wonderful reports about all of us out there. You are keeping people informed of the opportunities and choices in a very truthful way.’ Catharina Hedberg, director of The Ashram, California, USA

‘Thank you for the book, it is absolutely wonderful, I have guests already buying it. Thanks so much for all your positive energy.’ Michael Mitchell, founder of Body & Soul Adventures, Brazil

‘I was out with a friend of mine a couple of nights ago who is off to Japan in a few weeks time and she was raving about your book – she is booking into a Japanese monastery from it to start a year long world trip.’ Deborah Spiers, writer and teacher living in Spain

‘A friend of mine gave me your first book for my birthday last year, and wonderful it is too! We’re obviously like-minded people.’ Vicki Edgson, nutritionist

‘I just wanted to say well done for the lovely book you’ve put together. God knows how many retreats/ holidays/ holistic shenanigans you must have had to wade through to compile all that – and it looks and feels lovely. Many thanks from the whole ‘industry’ for representing yoga and its associated manifestations so well.’ Will Cottrell, Yoga Travel

‘I think it’s fantastic. Both my clients who are here at the moment are very impressed and said immediately that they would be buying a copy as soon as they get back to England.’ Melanie Geenty, Pilates en France

‘I am so impressed by the breadth and depth of your lovely book – the research you have done to make it happen is utterly inspiring.’ Sue Weston, Relaxing the Mind

‘STUNNING. Congratulations, I can imagine how much work has gone into it – it’s beautiful.’ Kathryn Brown, founder of The Healthy Holiday Company

‘Thank you for a wonderful book – all my friends love it.’ Raija Lydecken, Box Gård, Finland

‘An excellent book – such a thorough project and it’ll grow year by year.’ Seda, Surya Yoga, Turkey

‘I got the book! It is massive – a real tome. I can’t believe it. I took it home and didn’t manage to get a look as my boyfriend dived straight in.’ Victoria Fraiser, yoga teacher-in-training

‘It is fantastic – I shall treasure my copy and try to do at least 50% of the retreats before i die.’ Maureen McDonagh, healthy holiday enthusiast

‘Many congratulations on the publication of your guide. It has just arrived and it looks great!’ Simon Low, yoga teacher

‘We bought it, looks great!’ Amanda Hamilton, detox expert

‘Beautiful! Well presented, thorough and very informative….reading it I was wafting away on delightful body and soul experiences already.’ Amanda Stafford, The Dolphin Connection

‘It looks fantastic, absolutely packed with everything I have ever wanted to know.’ Jo Foley, spa writer

‘A fantastic achievement, I hope the book sells like hot cakes and changes the world.’ Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow

‘Absolutely brilliant, the best spa guide ever! So well researched and such an excellent and comprehensive selection.’ Carolyn Kohl, spa PR consultant, UK

‘Fabulous. Congratulations.’ Mary-Anne Denison-Pender, Mahoot, UK

‘Wonderful job!’ Swami karma Karuna, Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand

‘Congratulations on the book, its looks really good.’ Lucy Bremner, Sunflower Retreats, Italy

‘It is really gorgeous!’ Tara Wood, founder of Wildfitness, Kenya & Crete

‘You star. Well done.’ Jo Pickering, The Retreat Company, UK

‘We think your book is fantastic. Some of the places you have discovered and published look amazing and it must have been quite an undertaking. Thank you for your help and interest.’ Greg Thomas, Outward Bound New Zealand

‘What an amazing achievement. The retreatants at our recent yoga retreat loved it, after I was able to prise it away from the teacher’. Roger Ash Wheeler, The Barefoot Barn, Devon, England

‘The book is fabulous and there’s so much information in there……it would sell like hot cakes in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, not to mention the Bali bookshops, too!’ Diana von Cranach, Puri Ganesha Villas, Bali

‘I started reading the book on my way home and love it already – easy, stylish prose; beautiful, reader-friendly design; jampacked with info but not at all overwhelming; lovely paper and printing. Brilliant job: so worth all the slog!’ Jenny Wilson, body & soul escape enthusiast, London, England

‘You have written a great book. While passing from Bali to Egypt to Mozambique, I found the encouraging quotes particularly inspiring each time I hesitated whether to do a trip on my own. The clear budget information means it’s possible to choose affordable places at a glance, and it was a pleasure to discover that your rates perfectly matched those on the web, showing the precision behind your work’. Carol Ackenheil, Hotel Adler Thermae, Italy

‘I bought your book, I really enjoy it, I have it on the coffee table in my lounge room, so I can read it often. It is very good – you did a marvellous job with it’. Marionne de Candia, beauty therapist, Byron Bay, Australia

‘I thought it was excellent, congrats!’ Simon Heyes, Senderos, UK

‘I’m enjoying dipping into your book and planing a long weekend somewhere fabulous’. Lottie Johansson, Editor, London, England

‘My Mum and I have been studying your book hard to plan our next holiday, but we’re having trouble deciding because there are so many amazing-sounding places to visit!’ Clare Cobbett, body & soul escape enthusiast, London, England

‘I have been busy showing your book to everyone I know. It is absolutely amazing – the size, the look, the weight of it are all just fantastic. I think it’s got great “flick” appeal, too: you want to dip in and out, as well as look closely at the places you’re most interested in.’ Johanna Hegerty, contributor, Australia

‘Just want to say how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED the book, the proofs looked really sharp, yet groovy, wide-ranging but hand-picked by an expert who feels like a genuine person of passion’. Natacha Du Pont De Bie, writer & mother, Devon, England

‘it was lovely to meet the passion in your work.’ Amida, Sura Detox, Devon, England

‘We have the book on display at our retreat and guests often flip through it, commenting on what a wonderful resource it is’. Evening & Stipe, owners of Suncokret retreat, Croatia

‘I have a copy and many people I know also have a copy. It is a really lovely book and well put together.’ Frances Englehardt, director of Gaia Visions Yoga Holdiays, Zakynthos, Greece

‘I have a copy of Body and Soul Escapes – it’s lovely’.
Jane Worrall, of Huzur Vadisi Yoga Holidays, Turkey

Reader reviews of Body & Soul Escapes: Britain & Ireland

‘I keep checking out your recomendations in your two books in order to try and book in at least a temporary quiet time. They are a fabulous resource. Thank you for writing them!’ Miranda, director of Tyger Glyn

‘Your book is exceptionally good.’ Yannis Andricopoulos, founder of Skyros and The Grange by the Sea

‘Great little book, very beautifully put together.’ Daniel Start, author of Wild Swimming

‘I have the book – it is beautiful.’ Louise Cox, owner of The Retreat at Witherdens Hall, Kent

‘I will make sure your book is in all my favourite yogis’ xmas stockings/leg warmers!’ Lucy Edge, author of Yoga School Dropout

‘I bought your book for my mum to keep a little bit of “holiday feeling” in her life… Love the size! Just the right shape and the cover has a lovely texture.’
Alice G, an artist from Sussex

‘Your Britain & Ireland book is really great – lovely format and beautifully put together. You are very clever and should feel very pleased with yourself.’
Lucy Greeves, co-author of The Naked Jape

‘a great read, and I really like the more compact size too.’ Joanna Johnston, founder of AyurvedicYogi

‘an essential reference book – or day-dreaming aid – for anyone interested in taking time out to re-balance and re-group.’ Lucia Cockcroft, editor of

‘I thought your book was lovely.’ Angela Day of Chewton Glen, Hampshire

‘Well done Caroline. Massive achievement.’ Lisa Johnson, journalist

‘Wow Caroline, thank you! You do write well.’ Lucy Aykroyd, owner of Ford of Clatt B&B, Scotland