Meet Caroline Sylger Jones

Caroline Sylger Jones is a highly respected travel journalist with over 20 years experience writing Caroline Sylger Jones smallfor newspapers, magazines, websites and books. A healthy travel specialist, she is the Retreat Editor of Psychologies magazine and writes regularly for The Telegraph and The Times as well as contributing to a wide range of other papers and magazines. She is the founder and co-director of healthy travel website Queen of Retreats, the author of Body & Soul Escapes and Body & Soul Escapes: Britain & Ireland (Footprint), and the spa columnist for

Passionate about travel, Caroline sells her travel photography on Alamy, is a writer and editor for sustainable travel site itmustbeNOWmagazine and has been an expert speaker on Radio 4’s programme The Traveller’s Tree. Passionate about words, she is a poet published by Carcanet Press and an English graduate with a First Class degree in English from The University of Birmingham and a Master of Arts in English from The University of Sussex.

Caroline lives in South Devon with her husband and daughter, where between trips she relishes coastal walks, hot baths and poetry and is addicted to daily yoga and tea of all kinds. She is (deliberately) not on social media. You can drop her a line here.